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Think Fast ~ Talk Slow ~ Shoot Straight 


The business landscape is changing.

Before us lies a great opportunity.


A clear, audacious vision. 

A focused, driven team.

A fulfilled dream. 


What if you could
clarify the vision for your business,
build a focused, driven, committed team,
exceed your goals and fulfill that vision?


The 12 Week Adventure

Core Program


Week 1 Enter the New Business Frontier
  • Understand and Define True Core Values
  • Understand and Define Purpose and Mission
  • Reframe Your Thinking and Perspective
  • Clarify the Audacious Vision
  • Activity Goals
Week 2 Self Leadership
  • Self- Awareness and Mental Habits
  • Self- Awareness and Physical Habits
  • Daily Rhythm
  • Leadership Vision
  • Activity Goals
Week 3 Branding Blueprint
  • The Brand Builds the Map
  • Positioning in the Market
  • Audience
  • Pricing 
  • Activity Goals
Week 4 Culture and Leadership
  • Human nature - Self Image
  • Emotions
  • Teams - State of Mind- State of Circumstance
  • Communication
  • Values
Week 5 Target Goals
  • Goals
  • Strategy
  • Who or How?
  • Layers of Who
  • Activity and Accountability
Week 6 - 12
  • Customized Implementation Strategies based on Weeks 1-5 Content
  • Activity Goals
  • Accountability Partners 
  • Community Engagement and Support
Bonus Content
  • Think Fast Talk Slow Shoot Straight Online Dashboard
  • One on One Coaching
  • Community 
  • Accountability Partners and Group
  • Free Training Updates
  • Discounts on Live Events
  • Discounts on Virtual Events
  • Discounts on TFTSSS Merchandise
  • 1 Year Cowboy Kindness Membership
  • Discounts on Done For You Digital Marketing 
  • Referral and Affiliate Program Opportunities


Think Fast ~ Talk Slow ~ Shoot Straight

The Adventure of a Lifetime


I invite you to join me on a great and powerful adventure. Not unlike the pioneers of America's past who braved a great unknown that forced them to grow into the freedom and prosperity they longed for, we have an opportunity.

Investing time in a reset to clarify the vision, values and version of the business you are building, will rapidly accelerate the timeline of your success.

THINK FAST - is a macro and micro approach that allows a complete mental reset overall and trains those mental habits daily to produce ongoing results. It's about learning how to think to remain aligned with your true core values and a clearly defined vision and blueprint.

TALK SLOW  -  Businesses often find themselves stuck inside a culture they never intended to create. When these patterns are redesigned, the communication and marketing can be delivered daily, with a power and presence that will make you unstoppable.

SHOOT STRAIGHT - The action plan, schedule and tactical strategy required to hit the goal. Need I say more? #thinkfasttalkslowshootstraight

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