You Must Revise Your Life


What if  what might have been  still can be.


22 Women who changed their lives

through revisioning what was possible.


The creative act of building a business

 inside of a new vision

for the second part of your life.




My mission is to help as many women in midlife (please help me come up with new language for this time?) as possible, funnel their energy, passion, wisdom, skill and talents into building a business. 

We are brilliant and brave, wise and wonderful. We are compassionate, collaborators and still tend to undervalue ourselves.

Building a successful business can solve many problems in a woman's life. It can positively affect self-esteem and confidence, financial health, create a renewed sense of purpose, increase energy, improve relationships, bring meaning and direction and many other powerful and positive changes.

With the right direction, the chances of business success are high and the time is now.

If you've built a successful business, you have experienced trials and triumphs.

Much of what I went through I did alone. Let's save these women time, energy, money and heartache by sharing our experiences.


The Goal:

  • Interview 22 women who started a business between the ages of 40-49.
  • Interview 22 women who started a business over the age of 50.
  • The interviews will inspire, educate and encourage aspiring female entrepreneurs to take action in their own lives.

Your Opportunity:

  • Your business will be showcased on all social platforms.
  • Positively impact other women.
  • Invite to participate in virtual live summits throughout 2022 - Revision Your Life
  • Collaboration opportunities.
  • Much, much more...



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